Catfish and The Bottlemen 

Well, this is going to be my first post about something relevant to the blog.

After much deliberation i decided to listen to the band Catfish and The Bottlemen around two years ago and I’ll admit that listening to them for the first time brought me vibes of Mumford and Sons with a hint of the Foals which didn’t particularly impress me.

However, after friends who showed nothing but peer-pressure to me i ended up listening to them more and more until like the rest of nearly the worlds population I’m now hooked like a literal catfish on them, I’m not saying they’re amazing or remotely the best band I’ve ever heard but one thing is for sure- their guitar riffs combined with the raw voice of Van McCann makes them something irresistible. They also offer a wide range of songs to cater for your every emotional need making it damn near impossible to not find a song which you’ll be quoting to your friends as an ‘anthem’ and once you’ve found yourself in that never ending cycle you will soon end up posting pictures saying ‘I love Van McCann’ like a teenage girl does with Zac Effron.

Overall, as i said: they’re not the best band I’ve ever had grace my eardrums but they’re nevertheless a fucking good band which are taking the world by storm for their simple simplistic tunes alongside their complex vocabulary in songs so do yourself a favour and give in to the Catfish infection before you miss the boat and end up being an outcast from your eclectic music taste friends.


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