Twisted Wheel: A Band You Should Probably Get To Know

Well, here we are again with another one of my mediocre posts.

Instead of me banging on about Catfish and The Bottlemen or posting about talent which has already been recognised I’ve decided I’m going to talk about a band which in my eyes have the potential to be easily as recognisable and they’re Twisted Wheel

I started listening to Twisted Wheel by a friends recommendation which to be honest was a major turning point in my music taste as I’ve never really been into aggressive style lyrics or songs with such a fast pace to them however, i listened to them anyway expecting to be disappointed and to leave them behind with the likes of Jason Derulo and other artists which i have no time for but fuck, was i wrong. 

Twisted Wheel have a style of music that does nothing but draw you in with brilliant guitar riffs accompanied by Jonny Brown’s raw Manchester accent. Before we get a dickhead piping up telling me ‘they aren’t together anymore’ I’d like to say I’m well aware that they broke up in 2014 but i don’t think their existing music should be overlooked as they deserve a place in any die hard indie’s playlist.

Twisted Wheel – She’s A Weapon

I’ve basically wrote this post for the simple reason of wanting to open your eyes to a more wider range of talent whether it’s broken up or not, yes you won’t be able to see them live and you won’t be able to jump up and down like a fucking lunatic at Leeds Fest to them however, what you can do is bang them on a nice playlist and smash their tunes out on your morning commute or at your mate Dave’s house party to show you’re edgy.

As usual I appreciate anything people want to point out about my blog or ways that my blog could improve.

Thank you and don’t give into 21st century bollocks chart music (that’s to you R’n’B)



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