The Last Shadow Puppets: match made in heaven or hell?

Well, here we are again but this time with a little difference.

I’ve been listening to The Last Shadow Puppets for a considerable amount of time now and I’ll be the first to tell you that the combination of Miles Kane and Alex Turner is something of dreams however, I’ve got an issue with the collaboration.

In terms of music they’re hard to beat and with their album ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ hitting #1 in the UK Album’s chart it’s hard to have an argument as to why this combination would be an issue whatsoever until we get to the sore topic of the Arctic Monkeys who have effectively been left behind after selling out their entire musical genre for a trip round the US and a cart full of money and here is where the issue arises.

As you can see Alex Turner has now gone from every girls bedroom pin-up to looking like a wally that would look fitting roaming around on any council estate in Yorkshire, in my opinion this is just another sign that somewhere along the way of building his genius he has lost all sense of who he is and what his style is resulting in us having to desperately watch his fall from our highest regards.

Musically this combination is a GOOD one, I use the term ‘good’ very loosely too as frankly, I’m not that impressed considering the music seems to project Miles Kane’s timeless style rather than Alex’s but nevertheless, it’s one of these times where you’ve got to sit back and think ‘fuck it, they’re a good band despite that divvy who doesn’t know who or what he is anymore’ so that’s the perspective we shall take for the sake of die-hard Alex Turner fans who may bombard me with messages telling me he’s ‘better than ever’

Now that we’ve aired some of the blatant issues with this combination I’d like to go on to talk about the success of this chaotic ensemble, MILES KANE is in my opinion one of the best musical talents that the UK has seen since the 80’s with his brilliant guitar solo’s and chillingly crisp vocals. Miles practically makes this walking disaster into something beautiful to the point where we overlook the issues and instead enjoy basking in their warm melodies like average teenagers bask in the fast talking of controversial ‘rapper’ Stormzy who in my eyes is an absolutely hilarious novelty who deserves nothing more than a part in a pantomime.

All together, this duo have a lot to show after re-kindling their love for one another and with a bit of luck somebody will show Alex Turner a map to his creativeness once more so we can all stop holding our breath wondering what he’s going to do next.

For those who haven’t heard of ‘TLSP’ then I’d recommend giving them a listen as they’re an extremely unique duet to say the least and offer inspiring sounds and chimes which have managed to get their album to the top of a chart which contains Adele  a load of rubbish- so yeah, here’s a link below to blow your head off unless you’ve heard of the Arctic Monkeys to which you’ll probably listen in disgust:

The Last Shadow Puppets – Bad Habits

Overall, I look at The Last Shadow Puppets as a mixture of both Heaven (Miles Kane) and Hell (Alex Turner) and think they could go an even further way to improving their style to work in harmony with each other (that is after somebody has taken Alex to musical rehab)

But if you’d like to see these live and jump up and down like the die-hard Miles and Alex fan that you are as you don’t give a fuck about my opinion then here is the link to pick up those tickets which I suppose are worth it for Miles Kane alone:

The Last Shadow Puppets Gigs



4 thoughts on “The Last Shadow Puppets: match made in heaven or hell?

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    1. Thank you so much, your support is always welcome and it keeps me going and writing what I do!
      I take all feedback into consideration and I appreciate the fact you took the time to comment on my post


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