The Wombats: One of The Best Gigs of My Life

Today I thought I’d do something a little different and talk about one of the best gigs that I’ve personally ever been to which was The Wombats at the Manchester Apollo.

  As you can clearly see from the photo above, everybody was completely off their nut, me included. Actually, I think after Greek Tragedy I practically went into a blur and just felt and heard the rest of the show but that’s what a litre of vodka combined with eight pints of cider tends to do. Nevertheless, The Wombats for anybody that doesn’t know are a Liverpudlian band which were formed in 2003 consisting of Matthew Murphy, Daniel Haggis and Tord Knudsen (he’s Norwegian), they’ve took the world by storm however still haven’t got the recognition they deserve, i mean- try asking your mate down the local if he’s heard of The Wombats and he will probably look at you with a blank face like you’ve gone into his house on Christmas Day and pissed all over his kids.


At 1,000,000 albums sold, this band is worth every one of your pretty little pennies being spent on their concerts so I’d definitely consider it if you’re new to the band or have been meaning to go for awhile.

We are now at the part where i educate you newcomers to the unique sound of The Wombats, basically the bands vibe is a blend of electric keyboards and guitar riffs accompanied by the calming yet rogue voice of Matthew Murphy, there’s not much i can comment upon The Wombats except in my opinion they’re a combination of New Order and a modern Joy Division. So yeah, here’s a chance for you to listen for yourself and make your own mind up:

The Wombats – Let’s Dance to Joy Division

Anyway, you’re all in luck as fortunately The Wombats are playing at Reading&Leeds Festival so it’s fairly straight forward how to get tickets however, I’d recommend going for the entire weekend as I’ve heard it’s off the theoretical Richter scale and will probably result in your jaw not being attached to your head jumping around for two or three days straight which will probably look something like the state of me and my brother after just a few hours of seeing The Wombats at the Manchester Apollo:


Overall, it’s a no brainer and you should both listen to this band and go to Reading or Leeds for the time of your lives as well, it’s something to tell the grandchildren about instead of the story of how in our times the prime minister enjoyed fellatio from pigs heads.

(Gig photo credit goes to @What_Cat_Said as my photos from the gig looked like they’d been took on my nan’s house phone)

Let’s Dance to Joy Division and Celebrate the Irony – Matthew Murphy

also, just a quick one- if anybody would like a link to Reading&Leeds Fest tickets not that they’re remotely hard to find but here it is:

Reading&Leeds Festival Tickets

Thanks again for supporting my writing, I appreciate feedback.



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