The Smiths: What Difference Does It Make?

Today I’ve been listening to The Smiths ritually almost so I think it’s only fitting that I include the eccentric band in my blog. Especially considering Morrissey is currently suffering with cancer which he is battling.

Personally, I can’t think of a song of theirs which won’t describe a situation or emotion that you’re going through. Normally I do this near the end of my post however I think it’s fitting that everybody is on the same page for this so yes, if you haven’t heard of The Smiths then I’ll try not to crucify you and instead fill you in:

The Smiths are a band formed in 1982 from the only place possible that you can get a band with such style and uniqueness- MANCHESTER. The band consisted of Johnny Marr (Guitarist), Andy Rourke (Bassist), Mike Joyce (Drummer) and of course the one, the only Morrissey (Stephen Patrick Morrissey if you didn’t know, take that to your pub quiz) as Lead Vocalist.

The band rose to fame in the mid to late eighties and were loved by everybody because of Morrissey’s brilliant stage entrances as well as their highly controversial lyrics describing mostly the struggles of various social sectors of the working classes trying to fit in as well as songs aimed at people who Morrissey thought were dickheads (which was pretty much everybody) for example around the time of the Chernobyl disaster which shocked the entire world Morrissey and Johnny Marr were listening to a radio report about the lives that were lost when the DJ stopped the report midway through to play Wham! which angered Morrissey so much due to the sheer disconcern for human life that the song ‘Panic’ was released shortly after including the lyrics ‘Hang The DJ’ throughout it referring to Steve Wright who was the DJ that caused all the aggro so basically- Thank you Steve Wright and also fuck off Steve Wright you absolute mongoloid.

Unfortunately, after four albums and numerous collaborations as well as numerous non-LP tracks the band split up in 1987 due to tensions between Johnny Marr and Morrissey over musical inflexibility and the rumour that Morrissey planted an article in NME which turned out to be false. Either way- a band which has been quoted as ‘The Most Important Indie Rock Band’ of the eighties was lost for good. 

Morrissey did go onto solo work which he has had numerous success’s with,  filling arena’s due to today’s young generation trying to catch the dying embers of a dying generation. It’s honestly quite sad to think that one day a genius like Morrissey will be gone but one things for sure- he’s left a legacy making it totally impossible to forget his whit, charm and his persistency for non-conformity.

I’m genuinely extremely passionate about The Smiths due to their songs getting me through numerous hard times in my life, I mean why wouldn’t I like a song called ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ after a break-up. In fact, whilst writing this post I’m listening to The Smiths – Pretty Girls Make Graves so I think it’s only fitting that you do yourselves:

The Smiths – Pretty Girls Make Graves

Well, I hope I’ve managed to educate you and maybe even bring back some memories of the beloved band. I’m literally still buzzing over ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’ to the point where I could maybe write a hundred articles on them and all of their accomplishments including everything they’ve got me through and all the good memories I’ve had with them playing in the background (Spoiler: there was a pretty steamy summer night in a field where let’s just say nobody was stopping me because they’ve heard this one before)

fuck, I really need to stop trying to make sexual innuendo’s out of great songs.

I apologise for traumatising you once again with my writing but I also hope you have learnt a thing or two here boys and girls.

and remember:

Artists aren’t really people and I’m actually 40% Papier Mache – Morrissey.

Feedback is appreciated as usual.



6 thoughts on “The Smiths: What Difference Does It Make?

    1. Thank you so much. I’m trying to offer a unique way of blogging about music and wanting it to go somewhere in due time. All your support is more than appreciated and The Smiths are one of my favourites too


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