The Libertines: Let’s Get Straight To The Heart Of The Matter

With Peter Doherty deciding to be nice and release an exclusive track for World Record Day I feel it’s the time to talk about The Libertines.

The Libertines are an English band who were formed in 1997 by Pete Doherty and Carl Barât however the band has also included John Hassall (Bassist) and Gary Powell (Drums).

For anybody that has been living under a rock lately and doesn’t have a fucking clue who The Libertines or Pete Doherty is then I’ll sum it up quickly for yourselves:

Basically- as stated above the band were formed in 1997 and quickly rose to fame due to having a unique selling point that they were basically fucking nutcases and well, the youth of the 90’s liked that so it just fuelled the fire. The years flew by for the band going strength to strength until Peter Doherty decided he had found something better than playing in a brilliant band and that thing that is better? Heroin and Crack which unfortunately eclipsed the band practically and led to them breaking up in 2003.

Now, the above story of the band was extremely brief and didn’t really do the band any justice when they’ve easily earned a few good words from me. Pete Doherty and Carl Barât have consistently brought us music which have transformed the way we categorise ‘good’ music and despite all I’ve said about them so far, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see, The Libertines have been responsible for a revolution in music and starting a cult/social group all of their own, it’s a group of teens (usually teen girls) which follow them religiously longing to receive a guitar pick, a signature or preferably Pete or Carl‘s tongue down their throat.

Despite all of the issues and all of the intravenous drugs, Pete Doherty is actually alright and talks some sense once he’s stopped slurring his words which can be heard in his lyrics.

Personally, I’ve got an issue and I don’t know what it is but I like The Libertines yet dislike Peter Doherty. I don’t know whether the hatred is stemmed from my girlfriend worshipping the ground he walks on or the fact I simply don’t agree with his mentality or his ability to qualify as a role model. Either way: I love The Libertines and they’re a band that has had plenty of abuse and scandal surrounding them yet have always rose up like the proverbial Phoenix from the Flames.

Luckily for all you Peter and Carl fans there is hope and there is a chance to see them both solo since their tour is over for The Libertines however the only issue is that you’ll have to go to two gigs to see them both but I suppose it’s just an excuse to get pissed up and go to yet another concert however, I wouldn’t try it on with any lasses there due to the fact they’re all around fourteen and into a half eroded away bloke held together by Carl Barât’s safety pins.

Nevertheless though, I shall post the links to their concerts at the end of this post which don’t worry, shall be shortly.

This is the part where I get you to listen to them and make a judgement of your own, I’m bang into The Libs and I think it’s only right that you listen to MY favourite song from their new album ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ which is linked below.

The Libertines – Heart Of The Matter

Overall, I’ve slated The Libertines more than I’ve praised them due to Peter Doherty and the fact I don’t agree with his outrageous life but you know, it’s something that can’t be helped and I will have to admit that the rustic blend of Carl and Peter’s voice earns them the title of being one of the most influential bands of the twenty first century as well as their guitar melodies which can be likened to The Smiths in a peculiar yet fucking brilliant way.
Here’s the links to Carl and Peter’s tickets:

Carl’s Gig Tickets

Peter’s Gig Tickets

and remember:

I might be a fool but I’m not a fucker. I won’t fuck anybody over – Peter Doherty.

I apologise for this post being below standard. I’ve been suffering with the man-flu today but I couldn’t leave my blog without any new content considering I’ve promised one post a day.
I appreciate you all and all your feedback

(All gig photos are courtesy of my girlfriend @lauralibertine) 



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