The 1975: If We’re Gonna Do Anything, We Might Aswell Just Fuck

I’m back! Due to me getting absolutely paraletic on Friday night I’ve been absent from posting which I’ll make up to you with two posts today, this being the first of them.

What better way to spend a Sunday than listening to The 1975? Now let’s get down to the musical whirlwind which is Matty Healy and his band of merry men.

Now, we will start by dealing with the people which have been living life with their ears closed: 

The 1975 are a band which was formed in 2002. The band consists of Adam Hann (Lead Guitar), Ross Macdonald (Bassist), George Daniel (Drummer) and every girls dream Matthew Healy who is of course the unparalleled Lead Singer. The band has prided itself upon bringing out chilled music with a mixture of bass guitar with Matthew Healy’s warm, sensual voice.

Now, this is part I’d usually save until last for you to get a vibe of their music however, this post just wouldn’t be felt properly if you wasn’t currently listening to them gracing your eardrums, so get this song banged into you whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy your Sunday reading in the only place worth reading anything (vain but ask me if I fucking care)

The 1975 – Robbers


The band rose into the stratosphere after they released the album titled ‘The 1975’ which practically made them one of the most popular bands on the planet today, in my opinion they’re only challenged for the title of best alternative band by Catfish and The Bottlemen which I’ve already posted about (so go and have a look at that you mongo’s)

The music that Matthew Healy has consistently produced is technically classes as ‘Alternative Rock’ whereas in my eyes, it deserves a genre all of its own due to the fact I’ve never heard anything which has compared to them in terms of style and bravado. 

The 1975 have a style likened to Morrissey with eccentric outbursts from various of the members, especially Matty (yeah, that’s right we are now calling him Matty like he’s our pal from down the road) 

All in all- we are getting to the part of the post where I talk about chances for you to see them live which I’d definitely recommend. Unfortunately if you’re going to see them you better hope you have a ticket for T-In The Park or Wireless Festival but if not? It’s alright as me being your good mate has provided links to tickets below:

The 1975 Tickets
We are gonna wrap this up now as frankly, it’s a Sunday and I don’t think intense reading is needed on god’s day (not that I remotely believe in religion) so yeah, due to me not posting for awhile this post has been lacking in various places but do we actually care about that when it’s about The 1975?

Thank you for reading as usual and I’m open to all feedback as per.

and remember:

Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life? – Matthew Healy



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