Jamie T: Back In The Game

Today we are back into it with another absolutely top class artist who is no other than the swaggering yob Jamie T.

Now, if you don’t know Jamie T then I’m sorry but I’m going to find it hard to forgive you however, I’m nice as everybody knows (of course) so I’ll tell you who he is:

Jamie T or Jamie Alexander Treays is a singer-songwriter who rose up in 2005 from Wimbledon in South London. His music is based around his repetitive guitar and bass sounds accompanied by his almost carelessly slurred lyrics which give his music a feel of freedom and a feeling of not being bound by the previously unwritten rules of the music constitution.

In his music you can literally hear the ‘I don’t give a fuck about you or what you’ve got to say’ attitude which has literally formed his own genre which sits somewhere in between Miles Kane and Paul Weller who I conveniently wrote about yesterday.

The style of Jamie is one we haven’t really seen before, his dress sense fluctuates between someone you’d associate with living on the streets to somebody who looks like your dickhead geography teacher from school trips but would we have it any other way? WOULD WE FUCK.

We are now at the part where you listen to some of his music genius and let me know what you think of it (not that it’s necessary as we both know he’s absolutely fucking brilliant) but here, listen to one of my current favourites of his:

Jamie T – Rabbit Hole


This is usually the part where I show you tickets to go and see the absolute beaut however, I’m unable to give you a link or any tips on how to see him due to him disappearing off the music radar lately with no notice of when he will be back with dates but one thing is for sure- HE WILL BE BACK

And in the meantime I recommend you listening to his albums ‘Panic Prevention’ and ‘Carry On The Grudge’ which are absolute musical gems and define his personality, issues and struggles as well as telling you a few home truth’s about life.

and remember:
There’s no huge, overwhelming meaning. As long as it works in your own head, and it means something to you, that’s what matters Jamie T.



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