The Courteeners: Are You In Love With A Notion?

To wrap today up we are going to have a fairly long post on a band which has got me through absolutely tonnes of ordeals in my life and they are The Courteeners.

Now, if you don’t know The Courteeners then we are going to deal with this first and foremost as frankly, I need you to be on the same page and to be as passionate about them as me so here we go:

The Courteeners are a band formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 2006 making them an extremely modern talent into the scene. The band consists of Michael Campbell (Drums/Backing Vocals), Daniel Moores (Guitar), Mark Joseph Cuppello (Bass) and gods musical child himself Liam Fray (Lead Vocalist).

I know, I know that you may be sat there thinking ‘not another band from Manchester’ but just wait a second and give one of their most popular songs a listen and try and tell me that they’re not worth every spot in that playlist you’ve got sitting in your mobile.

The Courteeners – Not Nineteen Forever

We have finally got that out of way and if you’re still reading at this point then that must mean you have a good fucking ear for music. As you’ll of heard from their music or from other leading music magazines and websites, The Courteeners don’t fit into any category and don’t comply with any genre’s bounds or even into the typical band from ‘Manny’ which is the major reason they’ve spent all of last year selling out their entire tour and making it onto the line-up for festivals both abroad and here in the UK.

Liam Fray is the mastermind behind the majority of the bands success with his elegantly put together lyrics which tug on every single one of your heart strings and memories making them almost overwhelming when listening to which would explain the amount of drugs at their concerts but what’s a concert without that one bloke off his skull dancing his soles on his trainers away?

The Courts (as we are now going to call them) have released five albums in their short ten years being formed named Falcon, Anna, St Jude, Concrete Love and Concrete Love Extra Love.

I’m not trying to blow the theoretical trumpet of the band but personally I will happily lay my head on the line in saying they’re the best band of the last ten years but again, that’s just my opinion. Just literally listen to some of their chillingly good songs such as ‘Are You In Love With A Notion?’, ‘Marquee’ and pretty much any song on the Falcon album which will always without fail be my favourite due to the fact it was by my side in the times I needed it most throughout high school.

In this post I’m trying to I’m telling you to give this piece of revolutionary music a chance to show you what playing guitars and singing is all about. You won’t find (in my opinion) another band able to play such hair raising guitar symphonies accompanied by such a rough and natural voice. It’s a recipe to musical gold which I know I say in abundance but the truth is that every band or artist that I post about is gold in their own, unique ways.

We can’t write this post without mentioning some of their amusing and most amazing musical feats which include Liam spouting at some cocky little twat down Kentish Town after he decided he would throw a flare at the drummer but NO PYRO, NO PARTY.

Also, one gig which will stand out even more than one where the drummer gets pinged on the head with a flare is none other than fucking Heaton Park which cannot even be described really but we will try, close your eyes and imagine a packed field full of people all their for the same thing being blasted in waves by Liam’s guitar and perfectly balanced raw voice for hours on end in their home town. Now that’s even giving me shivers so before you even say ‘he can’t play guitar that good’ I’d just like to finish this post by asking you ‘Can You Play Guitar My Boy?’ (CAN YOU FUCK)

Now, before I end this after torturing you with a long blog post I’m going to help all you nutters out as usual by posting a link below to their gig tickets which you’d be an absolute mongoloid to miss.

Courteeners T-In The Park

now, thank you for reading and I’m open to feedback as per usual so don’t worry, I don’t bite (unless you want me to) 

This songs about when you find someone beautiful and they’re brilliant and everything else is shit – Liam Fray on his song Small Bones.



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