Jake Bugg: Just Gimme The Love

Well, with him making another splash into the music scene I think it’s only right that we talk about Jake Bugg and everything from his early career all the way to right now.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Jake since he blew down the boundaries of what modern music is supposed to consist of, he single handededly revived the iconic sounds of The Beatles combined with a 60’s Country music sound.

If you haven’t heard of Jake Bugg and his unique harmonies then you won’t really be able to relate to any part of this article so let’s get started with where it all began:

Jake Bugg was lucky enough to be given his big break at just 17 years old by the BBC at Glastonbury on the ‘introducing’ stage. He then shot into the stratosphere, our hearts, our minds and of course Mercury records who are behind his Top 10 album successes such as ‘Jake Bugg’ and ‘Shangri-La’ 

After this brilliant start Jake then decided to try his luck in America where he soon realised he was as loved by ‘Yanks’ as he was by us people with impeccable music taste.

Unfortunately, when the success had peaked and people were asking for more and more he did what every good artist does: Disappear. We waited forever scrolling through his website, his Twitter and waiting for any news in NME of when we could expect him back and then, this year we have finally got it as he released a new song:

Jake Bugg – Gimme The Love

Now that Jake is back and I’m buzzing off my theoretical tits I’m basically wandering where his album is? He’s had awhile to make it and I understand artists like to give us a drop at a time but come on lad, you’ve been taking the piss for what seems like forever so drop the album and let us soak it in like the music filled sponges we are.

I’m coming to the end of this post as I generally wanted to make it an update post:

Basically, I apologise to everybody who has been supporting my blog for my absence for what seems like longer than Jake Bugg‘s. I’ve recently been travelling all over the UK (from Aberdeen all the way to Buckingham) and unfortunately I’ve just lacked the time and method to compose a post worth reading so yes, expect me to be back to my best and expect a larger post which is more comprehensive (better reading for the delinquents out there) 

I love you all as usual and appreciate every bit of your support and especially your feedback.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me over any topics you’d like me to cover or with any requests for my talents on your blogs.

and remember:

One Direction? The young girls will grow up and forget about ’em Jake Bugg.



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