You Me At Six: Fresh Start Fever

Well, today I’m doing something that I’ve vowed not to do and that thing is to stray away from Indie for one time only but how could I resist writing about You Me At Six.

Now before all of you die-hard indie fans jump on my skull for doing this I’d like you all to first listen to one of their songs which I’ll link below (it’s the one I’ve got on repeat whilst writing this) but first I’m going to bore you all with a bit of background on the band:

The band are English despite what so many dickhead skater boys tell you and they were formed in 2004 whilst living in Weybridge, Surrey however the band didn’t receive any recognition until 2008 which is strange as frankly, how the fuck did it take four years for somebody to think: ‘you know what mate? This band is banging’ 

The band consists of:

  • Dan Flint (Drummer) 
  • Chris Miller (Lead Guitar)
  • Max Helyer (Rhythm Guitar)

and of course Josh Franceschi with his ruggid yet overwhelmingly brilliant voice.

Now, I think it’s time to listen to the same song I’m listening to whilst writing this as in my eyes despite it being part of their ‘new stuff’ I think it displays their overall talents perfectly, so get this wacked into your bonce:

You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever

You Me At Six are technically classed as rock so they’re out of my usual palette however, I could not resist writing about one of my favourite bands to date.

The band have practically took the world by storm with screaming fans in every country trying to just get a close-up of Josh (which we are now calling him as he’s our pal) and hoping to have his eyes bless them with a gaze whilst blasting out ‘Loverboy’.

They’ve consistently brought out album after album getting better and better with the exception of ‘Cavalier Youth‘ which received a fairly bad reception due to the fact it strayed from their usual playing style but I loved it nonetheless.

If you’re new then you should get started with ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ as in my eyes there has never been a band which has been able to combine numerous songs to create gold like this. From Contagious Chemisty to Reckless they just keep coming off better and better which kind of explains their numerous awards for it and record selling numbers.

I’d usually keep this part of my post for telling you about gigs and ways you can join their loyal following in seeing Josh and his chaotic band ripping up stages and guitars however, since 2012 they’ve pretty much gone quiet but maybe that’s a good thing? DO I SMELL ANOTHER ALBUM OR NEW MUSIC? 

I seriously need to stop getting ahead of myself but nevertheless, give them a listen if you haven’t already and if they’ve been in your life for awhile and got you through everything from heartbreaks to sex masochism then keep doing what you’re doing as you’re the type of people I like.

Thank you for reading my post as usual and feedback is welcome as per.

and remember:

If you don’t believe in yourself then very few will believe in you. Joe Franceschi



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