Peter Doherty: The Revival Of An Old Era

Well, I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m back and should be posting regularly now. Fortunately, I’ve had an absolutely class week mainly due to the fact I was at Hackney Empire in London seeing Peter Doherty on Thursday.

Now, I know before any of you start that you’ve all seen my last post where I did nothing short of condemn Peter for his ridiculous lifestyle and the sheer nonsense that he usually speaks but honestly, after coming face to face with him and listening to him speak I can genuinely say that there may be genius behind the madness.

As I was sitting on a bench with a pint in one hand and a cig in the other I’ve never been so surprised to turn around and see a cowboy looking hat attached to a man who barely looked  alive get out of a blue saloon car, it was Peter. I was fortunate enough to get a seat near the stage door where conveniently all the artists playing that day congregated for cigarettes and fresh air, as Peter walked up towards us with a wooden briefcase in one hand and his fiancĂ© in his other I realised something strange: he’s majestic.

Literally, I never thought I’d say it but he has a certain ora surrounding him, an ora that makes you think ‘maybe this lad isn’t a fucking nutter, maybe he’s a musical maestro’

Nevertheless, I didn’t get a photo with him due to him rushing off for soundcheck which he was late for (as if anybody would expect anything different from him) but I did get my girlfriend a picture with him as he was trying to slide into the stage door:

Due to Peter going in for his belated soundcheck we decided that going round the front of the Empire was probably a good idea to get an insight into how crazy his fans actually are. I can sum up his fans in a few words: Gin, Tattoo’s and Drugs.

I’m not saying that I expected anything else as well, it’s Peter Doherty for goodness sakes.

Anyway, we will fast forward to the gig now as I’m sick of rambling on. The gig was nothing short of overwhelming, as I stood at the barrier dehydrated with people singing ‘You’ll never fumigate the demons’ at the top of their voices I realised that this isn’t a fan base, this is a cult following, a group of people who religiously follow the man through thick and thin and through heroin to alcohol. I was amazed by it all and amazed by Peter‘s showmanship in general, he swung numerous different guitars round his neck whilst taking layer upon layer of clothes off due to him being covered in sweat, I remember thinking ‘This bloke actually puts 300% into his gigs‘ 

He sung songs ranging from ‘Albion‘ to banging new songs which I can’t wait to be officially released so I can put them in my playlist to remind me of how wrong I was about the man.

Now, I’m not going to keep this post going on forever as let’s face it- why would you want to hear about my banging time at a gig?

I’m going to finish this off by talking about one of the supporting acts called Jack Jones. Jack is an artist/poet from Wales who definitely deserves more credit than what he gets. For a start, he came out of the stage door before the gig and literally had a laugh with everybody, took photos and made sure he spoke to everybody before wishing us a good evening at the gig. Secondly, he gave off such a performance playing ‘Alcohol Kiss‘ and reciting his poetry about Poundland and Ketamine that I wasn’t sure that Peter could even surpass the bar that he had laid out. Lastly, even after his performance he made sure he came to the barrier to thank us all, shake hands with us and wish us a good evening yet again.

Simply put- I enjoyed the gig, Peter isn’t all that bad and Jack Jones is one for the future that needs recognition.

The world that surrounded me, disgusted me. So I chose to invent one of my own’ – Peter Doherty.

Thank you for reading my dribble anyway and feedback is appreciated as per.


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