Amy Winehouse: The Misunderstood Vagabond

From a simple love affair with her brother’s guitar at fourteen years old to a worldwide singer, there has been nobody on earth to do it with such style and purity other than Amy Winehouse.

It’s a topic which has been covered by the documentary ‘Amy‘ as well as people who knew her personally including Peter Doherty and Carl Bârat. Undeniably, we have all been effected by her jazz swing to her rogue, hair raisingly hypnotic raw vocals.

Since her death in 2011 I feel like people have concentrated on who was to blame and who deserves to be given abuse for the singers demise instead of concentrating on what she left behind. Try and tell me that you don’t know ‘Back To Black‘ or ‘Rehab‘ and I’ll point blankly tell you that you’re ignorant.

What Amy did was beyond comparison. A young girl creating music to relieve her of emotions which were weighing her down endlessly is heartbreaking to say the least yet also so pure that it can only be compared to innocent youth. The thing that everybody manages to miss when speaking about Amy is the fact that she never wanted the fame, she never wanted the number one spot next to her name and she certainly did not want to be bombarded relentlessly by the media.

The closest artist with the same mentality who is still living today would have to be Peter Doherty who unsurprisingly was her friend. The two may of engaged in drugs and may of acted outlandishly at times but if you delve into their personal back stories, their pasts and their ideas for both music and the generation then you will uncover genius or a sense of them being untouchable prophets.

I’m not writing this to ramble on about perspectives or other people’s views. I’m writing this to give you a wider view of artists in general, not just Amy.

You see, we effortlessly bombard artists with attention and we intrude into their personal lives like its our right, like we have the authority when actually all you’re doing is taking away somebody’s human right of freedom. 

Now, I’m waiting for the ‘They shouldn’t be artists if they don’t want the attention’ which is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard. If the person you’re choosing to listen to and worship is a real artist then you will see that fame wasn’t a plan, it wasn’t a need or an uncontrollable yearning. It was the love of music.

So maybe before you’re outside your next gig ready to run up screaming to your favourite artist with a hundred others after they’ve been on a ten hour journey with little sleep you should instead respect their space, respect their efforts and most of all respect their musical genius which has got you through your break ups and life’s big moments.
That is all,

God Bless Amy.

There’s no point in saying anything, but the truth‘ – Amy Winehouse.



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