The Carnabys: Rising Through The Concrete Graffiti

I’ve decided after a long time of debating to do a post about The Carnabys finally. 

Now, not many people will of heard of the young scally’s however, they’ve had staggering reviews including one stating ‘they are the best thing to come out of West London since The Who‘ which is a very, very bold thing to say about such a young band.

After reviews stating things like that I thought ‘fuck it, may as well see what these lads have to show’ and was I disappointed? WAS I FUCK.

This band is almost outrageously good in respects to their immaturity in the music industry. In all fairness, I’m impressed but I’m not one to jump the gun with musical talent and start proclaiming they’re going to be as big as The Smiths or Oasis

Overall, the band are a well put together outfit with extreme amounts of energy and flair which I’m confident will continue to spur them to become every alternative music lovers household name, the band are also currently on tour around London and Cambridge meaning you’ve really got no excuse for not seeing them unless you live on another planet or something like that.

The lads as a whole seem quite tongue and cheek with the typical young adult arrogance and cockiness which is what we all like to see in a band, they’re outspoken yet modest, keeping their Richmond roots fully in mind. 

The Carnabys are not only touring, they’re also releasing an album called ‘Too Much, Never Enough‘ which is available for pre-order on iTunes, so even if you can’t get to see them live or you do live on another planet, you can still listen to their banging tunes and marvel at the next big and up and coming thing from London since The Libertines.

I don’t normally do two posts in a day but I thought it was right to do an up and coming music post for you all so yeah, get them wacked on your playlist and blasted into your eardrums.

Love feedback as usual.



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