Little Comets: This One’s For Dancing

Well, it’s a pleasant Tuesday evening. I’m laid on the sofa listening to chart music which really doesn’t get me going whatsoever or relate to anything in my life when suddenly I remember my old favourites- Little Comets.

Little Comets are a band made up of a trio from Washington, Tyne and Wear. Apparently people describe them as a group who play ‘Kitchen Sink Indie’ but I prefer ‘FUCKING GOOD INDIE‘ 

In my opinion Little Comets are both musically brilliant whilst also inspiring, I mean they were found playing in ridiculously strange venues such as lecture theatres and on public transport. The group were eventually noticed despite all this and were signed to Columbia Records however, they made the bold move of deciding to drop the major record label and go it alone resulting in the release of their album titled ‘In Search Of Elusive Little Comets‘ which got them noticed by the well known Dirty Hit label. Under Dirty Hit they released their second album ‘Life Is Elsewhere‘ which features the massive songs ‘A Little Opus‘ and ‘Jennifer‘ which are up there with my all time favourite tunes.

Despite their rocky start they’re now secure and do nothing but consistently bring out good music and tour extensively around the UK (Speaking of touring, they’re touring right now and I’ll make sure I link you to tickets at the end of this post).

If you’ve never heard of Little Comets then you should by now know a bit of background on them so go ahead, bang on A Little Opus, Jennifer and Dancing Song whilst sitting in the strangely warm sun of England. Let them serenade you with calm yet uplifting tunes which overwhelm you into being happy. 

Like, literally if you’re feeling down or your boyfriend has been shagging some lass from down the road then bang this into your skull and I promise it will make you feel better and make you realise that nothing mattered anyway.

The nature of Little Comets is that they are captivating and fun, they will simply charm you into a calming, peaceful state of mind bringing you a sense of belonging, we should know that by now I only post about banging music and why would this be any different? They’re fucking intoxicating.

In February 2015 they released an album called ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind‘ and to be honest they’re correct as they give you that state of mind unintentionally, they give you hope no matter what state of mind you’re in at that time. They give hope. 
I’m fairly done with rambling now and hope you’ve got it drummed into you that this group are too good to be missed and if like me, you want to see them then the link to tickets is below:

Little Comets Tickets

Thanks for reading, 

Have a class evening.



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