Mystery Jets: Diamonds In The Dark

I wake up, I sit at the kitchen table debating another cigarette whilst the sun of Buckinghamshire graces my face, my Spotify is calling me to check out new music and begins almost tormenting me with its emerald icon before I finally give in and check out The Indie List. I go from song to song trying to find a voice or guitar riff that feels like it means something. Moments pass and I stare at the playlist in disbelief until I come across something- a song called ‘Bubblegum‘ by a band called Mystery Jets.

The band consists of:

  • Blaine Harrison (Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals)
  • Henry Harrison (Lyrics and Piano)
  • William Rees (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Kapil Trivedi (Drums)

They formed in 2003 whilst still in school, sending each other songs on cassette tapes which sounds like such a perfect love affair. The group are commonly seen as an indie band however, I would put them more towards indie rock/post punk revival.

If you haven’t heard Mystery Jets then go and listen to Bubblegum or Young Love which are their most popular songs but don’t worry- if you’re reading this whilst in work or busy smoking cigarettes whilst looking into the sunrise sentimentally then just imagine Mumford and Sons had a child with Little Comets and you will be somewhere around the right area.

Ultimately, the reason they’re so popular is because of their unique combination of cutting guitar riffs accompanied by the gentle yet elegant vocals.

I’ve literally been struggling to find a band to watch or a band that could serenade my summer and well, I think I’ve genuinely found one after a long time of searching. I could happily sit with a lager in the blistering sun listening to their Curve of The Earth album without a doubt.

Now, if I’ve not sold this brilliant band to you yet then I’m struggling to understand why you’d be reading my blogs anyway as I strive to show you the biggest talents which make your eardrums dance like they’re on LSD.

Fortunately, for the people that are bang into these already or have decided to take an interest in them, they’re doing the one thing that makes me happy: TOURING.


So yeah, have a good day whether you’re in sunny Buckinghamshire or rainy Yorkshire and bang some Mystery Jets into your skull whilst searching for tickets to see them as I can promise you right now that they will not remotely disappoint you after looking at a few of their other live gigs.

And the message for today is:

Love is the taste you get on the tip of your tongue‘ – Mystery Jets.



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