Blossoms: Across The Moor

Well, I thought I’d top this peaceful Wednesday night off with a band that have pretty much took off unbelievable amounts in terms of popularity and that band we are talking about? Blossoms.

Before we start talking about them and their achievements I think it’s only right that I get everybody on the same page so yeah, here we go:

Blossoms are a band formed in Stockport, Greater Manchester (and trust me, they put the ‘great’ in Greater Manchester). The band is made up of Tom Ogden (Vocals/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/Backing Vocals), Joe Donovan (Drums), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar) and of course Myles Kellock (Keyboard). The band gained their name in homage to a public house in Stockport and were formed in around 2013 however, didn’t really come onto the scene until BBC’s Sound of New Music List in 2016 in which they finished a respectable fourth.

If I was to describe Blossoms for you then I’d compare them to The Cure and The Human League, their sound is classed as indie however I’d say it’s in a classification of its own due to the eighties/nineties vibe which their songs have got and the fact that the vocals are perfectly natural and raw which have been untouched by auto-tune (thank the Lord).

Blossoms are currently on a tour which you could actually be lucky enough to see them on if you follow my link at the end of this article and get your wallet open, I mean this band deserves to be seen, they’re modest yet deserve a certain authority because of them keeping both their sound and vocals so organic which is new and definitely something I enjoy seeing, especially from a Manchester band.

I’m not going to force you to listen to them but I’m going to say that you should in my opinion as frankly, they’re going places and I’m sure will be popping up constantly for the foreseeable future and you don’t want to miss the bandwagon do you? NO.

The main thing which is absolutely brilliant is the fact that they’re playing at nearly every festival under the sun this year with them at Parklife, Glastonbury and Isle of Wight Festival, we all love a good festival so don’t pretend you don’t.

Now before you go and have a pleasant evening and settle down in front of mind-numbing television why don’t you just intoxicate yourself with Blossoms first? I can think of worse things to do on a Wednesday night (watching Britains Got Talent being one of them)

So get them earphones or your speakers turned up and let Tom Ogden do the rest, you’ll thank me later.
For the people who give a fuck- here’s the tickets:
Blossoms Tickets

Good Evening x


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