Foster The People: Call It What You Want

It’s Wednesday and I find myself needing a sentimental pick-me-up so I go to the only place that I know: Spotify.

Whilst scrolling through everything from You Me At Six to Mumford and Sons I come across my long lost friends- Foster The People who I’ve forgotten somewhere in between all of the strains of life.

I decide to start by listening to old favourites ‘Houdini‘ and ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘ which are both lyrically beautiful in my eyes, the thing about FTP (as we are going to call them now) is that they’re futuristic in terms of their sound yet have kept hold of their naturally raw voices creating a sort of new genre which displays both charisma and the fact that they have stayed true to themselves.

For those who don’t know: Foster The People are a indie pop band from America who became known in 2009 after Mark Foster (Vocals) posted ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘ on his website for free download resulting in it going viral and him garnering attention from numerous record labels and talent scouts. Eventually, with help they decided to sign with Starprint International which was a multi-album deal resulting in them releasing their incredibly well known album ‘Torches‘ which is actually five years old now but in my eyes, still one of the best creations in the music industry. Since then the group have grown incredibly resulting in a second album being released in 2014 titled ‘Supermodel‘ which again, didn’t disappoint whatsoever.

Foster stated about his ‘Supermodel‘ album that ‘This record still has the joy of the first album did, but it’s been thrown into a pit and forced to dance among Wolves’ which leaves me with nothing else to particularly add other than in my opinion the ‘Supermodel‘ album is more of an organic rendition of Foster The People than ‘Torches‘ is.

Unfortunately, the band seem to have disappeared off the radar with no tours on-going or being announced and no hint of any new material being released so let’s just be hoping that they come back soon and surpass their already stellar reputation.

I feel as though a lot of people have heard Foster The People yet haven’t bothered to take notice to who the songs were by or bothered to see the rest of their material. Despite having nearly 1 million followers on Twitter I still see the band as one that has got a lot of growing to do, especially one that is from North America which I suppose is a gold mine for tours and music compared to the size of Britain.

By now you should be scrawling through YouTube and Spotify blasting them out of whatever speakers that you have to get you through your mid-week Blues so I’ll leave you to it!

but remember:

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soul in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents‘ – Mark Foster.

I love you all and enjoy your day!



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