The Sherlocks: Live For The Moment

I’ve decided I’m going to give into myself and finally write about a band which are growing in popularity by the day and have recently released the single ‘Last Night‘ and they’re The Sherlocks.

The Sherlocks are a British indie band consisting of the Crook brothers and the Davidson brothers, they’re relatively new to the scene with their first single ‘Live For The Moment‘ being released in 2014, the band really gained their fame by playing at Reading and Leeds Festival in 2015 shortly after they released the two singles ‘Escapade‘ and ‘Heart Of Gold‘.

In terms of their music, they’re similar to The Courteeners. Their lyrics are provocative and their guitar riffs are cutting and fierce, it’s really no wonder that they’d gain popularity from the youth of today. 

All in all, the thing that everybody is wondering is ‘Where is the album?‘ Literally, it feels as though I’ve been waiting forever to sink my teeth into a fully complete collection of songs by them. Nevertheless, I won’t give up hope and I’m sure that when they finally drop the album it will be in every die hard indie fans playlist and probably in our hearts of musical gold.

I find myself running out of things to say about them other than the simple fact that you should be watching them and have them up there with your talents for the future. I’m sure that they will continue to lift the roof off their live performances and keep teasing us with new material until the day when they drop the holy grail, their album.

I’m keeping this post short as I’m sure there is plenty more for me to write in future about their future performances, their album and most importantly- their popularity which I expect to blow out of proportion with teenage girls around Britain swooning over their every mood.

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