Something A Little Bit Different

After a few weeks with no content for you all I thought I’d do something a little different and instead show you what I’ve done today as well as fill you in with what’s been going on and when you can expect me to post.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been chilling with little to do in all fairness so last week-ish we all decided to go to Buckingham’s Music in The Market which in all honesty was a long, long shout from a festival but it did feature Thomas McAvoy who you can expect a blog about real soon when my girlfriend stops slacking and edits the pictures from the day as well as takes flattering pictures of his set list.

But anyway, enough about the past- LETS TALK ABOUT TODAY.

Today was relatively routine with it consisting of job applications and Fifa (as if there’s any other dream start to a day) when for once, we decided to go for an evening stroll or a ramble in my opinion.

We started by taking a walk down memory lane with my girlfriend whilst she showed me her old house and where she used to play as well as the more vulgar scene of where a man once hung himself (sorry to break the romance of the story). We then negotiated our way through nettle bushes and trees to find ourself in a corn field, now- me being a Yorkshire boy meant that I was in my element parading through fields and navigating through the countryside and I wish I could say the same for my girlfriend however, she was more bothered about the state of her RatBoy Vans shoes and catching her Pandora bracelet on her clothes.

Overall, the day was actually emotional to get back to nature and re-live childhood memories of growing up in the countryside as well as me remembering where I’m from and how me and my family would walk through fields on days out and how my dad would take me bike riding but let’s save the tissues for later.

In summary, I just thought I’d give you scally’s a little insight into my life and to show you what I get up to when I aren’t banging on about music but before we speak about my blogging schedule I’d like to recommend something:

PLEASE, PLEASE this summer take a special person in your life and ditch the city centre’s and Starbucks and substitute it for a day in the countryside, get back to nature, learn about the real England and most importantly? Smoke fags in a grassy field with the sun beating down serenaded by a band of your choice (preferably one from my blogs)

This is the end of my post as my legs are going to fall off from the miles I’ve walked today so I think it’s bed time for little Kris Wood however, good news for anybody silly loyal enough to follow my blogs as I’m going to be posting regularly with an aim of two to three blog posts a week full of talents you need to know about and talents you think you know about.

I love you all and let me know if you enjoy posts like this and I’ll try and include more of them.



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