Jamie T: Trick (Review/Opinion)

Before we start, i’m starting a new feature where I tell you what I’m listening to at the start of my posts so you can get into my head and perspective if you like, I’m listening to: Jamie T – Tescoland

Well, after a long time of wondering where Jamie T had gone and wondering whether he was ever going to get out of rehab he has come back firing on all cylinders back into the eardrums of every alternative listener worldwide.


As you probably know already, he has come back with the album Trick which i’ll be honest- I wasn’t expecting too much and thought it would just be a thrown together mixtape with the objective of just ge3tting his name back out there and getting a tour out of it to get him back on his feet however, I was wrong (I don’t admit that often).

Jamie T has in my opinion pieced an album together which is the most realistically feeling album yet. The entire composition of music just feels like he’s been true to himself and made music that he wants to make, the album also has a happy undertone in comparison to Carry On The Grudge which if anything was a cry for help through morbidly satisfying tracks.

I’ve followed Jamie T’s music career for as long as I can remember and surprisingly I haven’t ever had the chance to see him live but that’s going to change due to him bringing out UK Tour Dates which I will link you to tickets at the end of this article.


You see, Jamie T has got me through Break-Ups with songs like Emily’s Heart and also catered to my anarchist side with Sticks n’ Stones, the lad has consistently given me something to relate to and reflect on however, Trick is different, the album feels both professional and more vocally fulfilling, it feels like he, himself is happy and comfortable with his lyrics and it’s also strange hearing him not slurring every word to the point of inaudibility, despite it being one of his trademarks.

I’ve had a somewhat love-hate relationship with Jamie T due to his long battle with drugs which engulfed him and blinded him from the fans which were literally begging for new material and I don’t know, I find him weak to of succumbed to the drugs and alcohol so easily but I also find him strong and brave to of gone through the rehab programme voluntarily and completed it to save his career.

Now, back to the album anyway- Trick has a feel of 70’s rock whilst maintaining a modern vocal and effects side to it, it’s a feel good medley of guitar riffs and elegantly placed vocals which honestly do cause a state of addiction and keep you craving more and more but I still feel like he has more to show and it would be nice to see him settle into his old festival line-ups again as he did become somewhat of an essential for festivals such as Leeds and Reading.


Anyway, I’d highly recommend listening to the album and wrapping your head around the new and improved Jamie T style and seeing if it’s your cup of tea. He has always be what you’d call marmite which means you either love it or you hate it and I suppose he thrives off that opinion of him and his music, it’s the person he is. Reckless and Riveting is the best way that I can describe him and his music genre.

If like me you’d like to see it for yourself and see if Jamie T is in fact back and at his best then there’s only one thing to do and that’s get some tickets and judge for yourself:


(Apologies for no embedded Hyperlink but WordPress is being a dickhead on Desktop)


So yeah, get your ear drums listening to this new album and re-discover your love for Jamie T or confirm the reason you dislike him, either way it’s a piece of intriguing music.


Thanks for reading, feedback is welcome as always!








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