Radio: Which One To Listen To?

Today we’re going to cover something that I see getting asked by quite a lot of people and that question is: ‘Are any radio stations worth listening to?’

Now, I see where people are coming from with this question as I’ve been falling in and out of love with Radio 1 for years now as they still haven’t been able to balance talking about nonsense and playing music which is a shame as they do play some bangers when they actually get the tunes on.

I stopped listening to Radio personally but I understand in some situations like work- for example, it can be hard to avoid it and I bet you just wish you had that station that plays class tunes to get you through the endless hours, right?

Well, at work I was basically forced into listening to Radio 2 due to other people having authority over the radio however, after a few weeks of listening to it religiously I’ve started enjoying it, especially at 10:45am when ‘Pop Master’ is on which is basically a quiz game with the basic ‘name the artist’ or ‘name the album’ questions which are genuinely quite fun to play along with. I’m not saying it’s as good as getting pissed down your local till you’re in the gutter but it’s better than staring blankly at your work’s clock hoping for a miracle.



Obviously, Radio 2 isn’t a solution and still involves relentlessly listening to 60/70’s music which some of isn’t even my cup of tea. So I’ve found two solutions so far which are pretty straight forward but yeah, it works for me!

Firstly, there is a radio station called Radio X which are literally one of a kind, they consistently play indie/alternative music mixed with eighties/nineties gold which basically sums up my blog so it’s perfect for me, the talking on the show is also very minimal and when they do talk it is usually something hilarious or relatable. The show has their own Twitter account, IOS App (which comes in handy if you aren’t from the UK), Instagram account and Facebook. So check them out and expect lots of indie bangers to fill your day with bit’s of banter in between!


The show has hosts such as Vernon Kay, Chris Moyles and Ricky Wilson. All cater for slightly different tastes so if you don’t like one DJ’s setlists then simply tune in later and see if another one can cater to your tastes, I promise you that you will at least find one that is able to quench your thirst for anthems.

But now you are probably asking: ‘what the hell do I do when my favourite DJ isn’t on?’

I’ve got that covered in one simple way, the beautiful application which everybody has got: Spotify.

Spotify is great for making playlists and discovering new artists which chime into your already established tastes, the application is free to use but to get the most out of it and access all it’s features which set it apart from the competition like Apple Music you’re best to upgrade to Premium which is £9.99 a month or if you have numerous people in your household then pay £14.99 for 5 people/accounts to go Premium. Bigger bargain than four Dark Fruits for £4.

The only issue that you will come across with Spotify will be the boredom you sometime hit due to not being able to think of what to listen to or just lacking direction of where to look and how to go about discovering new music which is fine as I’ve got you covered, below is a picture of my spotify account which is public, it will show you what artists I’ve recently listened to, it will show you playlists that I’ve made or saved as well as show you live what I’m listening to which is great if you like the personal touch of knowing what I’m blasting into my skull by the second.

Follow me on Spotify and I’m sure I cater to atleast some of your needs!

As usual, I’m open to feedback on this post and I hope I’ve helped a few of you!




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