Little Mix: Going Mainstream

Well, I know this blog is dedicated to ‘Indie/Alternative’ however, due to requests from you I’ve decided to do something out of the ordinary and write about the up and coming girl group Little Mix who are smashing through the charts consistently lately.

Their fame seems to have no letting up so let’s start at the basics:

Little Mix are a Girl Group made up of four girls namely Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall

The group was formed after they auditioned as soloist’s on The X Factor which resulted in them being ultimately unsuccessful at Boot Camp however, this wasn’t the end as they decided to split the four girls into two’s and made them join Faux Pas and Orion, this again resulted in them being unsuccessful which due to the judges feeling their talent so strongly they kept the four girls and made a group all of their own which is now known widely as Little Mix.


Obviously fame was hard work for the four due to the sheer competition in the charts, they managed to make their breakthrough Internationally eventually due to promoting covers on YouTube which were critically praised, these then threw them to perform their debut single ‘Wings’ which debuted at Number 1 practically setting the field for their future musical expeditions.

Now fast forwarding to 2016 the band have released three albums with their fourth ‘Glory Days‘ due to be released extremely soon following their song ‘Shout Out To My Ex‘ which has got to Number One in true Little Mix style.

I, Myself haven’t found myself a major fan of the girls and thought of them as just another group riding The X Factor wave until it fades however, I cannot deny that they’re now fully independent artists with proven ability of making music that the public want to hear.


Now, if you’re somehow unfamiliar with the voices and style of Little Mix then i’d describe it as simple fun vibes combined with a diverse range of vocals and mixture of sounds, to be honest they’re genuinely unique and are set far apart from other girl groups who tended to play it safe with their proven sounds, Little Mix thrive because of their risk taking and abilities to take calculated risks with their music, every album and song is different and has a different message to bring you whether it’s heartbreak or happiness so there’s no way you can say ‘they just don’t have a song for me’. Unfortunately though, despite all the raving i’ve done in this article about their achievements and unique sound they’ve got an issue which is the simple fact that their style has changed almost parallel, with G.R.L who are major competitors with the group but as stated above i feel like this isn’t a problem as in my opinion Little Mix seem to stick to their thing and leave everybody else behind in terms of chart sales.


Ultimately, i’m winding this post up due to my poor time keeping and the amount of things I have to do today however, i’d strongly recommend that instead of looking at my review for what they sound like- you should instead go and see them live for yourself!

And in my usual way I’ve provided everybody who’s too lazy to find google with a link below:

Little Mix 2017 Tickets


I thought i’d make this little post to get back into it and maybe tap into some mainstream following which i haven’t previously so yeah, if you like what i’m doing or want to see me cover something else then please give me a shout!


big up!








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