New: Promotion Services




Well, i’ve been doing this blog for awhile and have gained a well founded reputation for giving comprehensive and simplistic write-up’s on major bands with some thanking me themselves and even having their management thank me for the publicity so i’ve decided that it would be a good idea to offer a service to new bands/talents that want to get themselves known or simply tap into a new audience so yeah,



if YOU want to feature on my website with 100’s of views monthly from every continent then i’d be happy to provide you with a chance to do that, simply get onto the contact section of this blog, contact me with what you’re looking for and i’m sure we can come to an arrangement!


i offer everything from write-ups, album/single reviews as well as performance reviews if you’d like me to see you live and document it!


Thanks, i look forward to hearing from some of you up and coming artists!




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