Lana Del Rey: The Absolute Goddess

As you’ll see from the title of this post we are going to be talking about the one and only Lana Del Rey who in my eyes is the most hypnotizing and entrancing female singer that i’ve ever had the privilege of hearing.

Lana as we will refer to her throughout this post is an artist with infinite ways to seduce you via vocals, obviously this is mostly my opinion and may not be shared with yourself but i’m sorry- listen to Cola on her Paradise album and try and tell me that you aren’t feeling hot under the collar when she has the audacity to say ‘my pussy tastes like Pepsi cola

Literally, Lana isn’t even my usual preferred style of artist but even i cannot ignore the pull that she has with her calmly whispered lyrics, like just look at her, LOOK AT HER

Latitude Festival - Day 2

She is pretty much a living goddess who i’m pretty sure could have her way with your girlfriend if she wanted to.

Anyway, now i’ve snapped out of my infatuation with her let’s start with her basics:

Lana (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant)  had a rocky start to fame really after getting her first record label deal with Five Points Records who are literally just an organisation in a trailer park with little to no reputation. She eventually ended up working in community service due to her feeling destitute so spent her time helping the homeless and poor. Thankfully for all of us lucky souls her demo did get out to David Kahne who’s reputation is pretty well-known and didn’t only give her an offer but literally took her out of the situation she was in and even more fortunately, she got the opportunity to move to London with her record label manager Ben Mawson.

After all of this turmoil we basically got our first taste of the real Lana who brought us out her albums Born to Die and Paradise which are arguably still some of her best commercially produced materials.


Now, i’m presuming that you have got a picture of just what kind of person she is, i mean she’s fucking beautiful, she helps the homeless and her voice sounds like it is channeled through the angels voice boxes themselves. If you have somehow not heard any of her music then i strongly recommend listening and seeing if you can resist not falling for her voice, her style has been dubbed ‘Hollywood Sadcore‘ and her music is specifically styled more towards 1950’s and 60’s with almost cinematic hints hence why her songs have featured on quite a few blockbuster movies, such as Young and Beautiful in The Great Gatsby (which is a fantastic film if i do say so myself)

Unfortunately for you all she has only one more gig left this year and it is in Mexico City which i’m not saying is too far to see Lana however, i definitely do not have the bank account for that expedition but if you’re packing the pennies then i suppose you could have a nice, warm break serenaded by the queen herself.


I’m going to wrap it up now as i think i’ll be turning green with envy just thinking of the people who have the opportunity to see her.


I wrote this post listening to Lana Del Rey – Pretty When You Cry if you want to get into the mindset i was in and the links to her tickets in bloody Mexico are below:


Lana Del Rey (Mexico City Tickets)


Now, have a good Thursday and remember it’s Friday tomorrow so alcohol isn’t too far away!







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