My Best Albums of All Time!

we are going to do something different today and it’s going to be a round-up of all the albums which either speak to me or have played a part in my life. All of these albums have touched me significantly and speak about certain points of my life which i’ll explain so yeah, let’s get into it..

1) The Courteeners – Falcon


Now this album is particularly special to me and came to me at a time of my life when all i did was literally smoke cigarettes out of my bedroom window and chase girls that were way out of my league and well, it helped to make me the person i am today.

Literally, i can’t count the amount of times i’ve laid in bed staring at the ceiling with ‘Cameo Brooch‘, i think it may of also saved my life on a few occasions.

Overall, this album sums up The Courteeners for me and was the first real time i was introduced to Liam Fray and his rogue vocals, the thing that has always made this album special is that it feels raw and feels like they were staying true to themselves whereas their new albums ‘Mapping the Rendevous‘ and ‘Concrete Love‘ just felt like they sold themselves out to their record labels and what the mainstream was up to. Despite all of this, The Courteeners make it onto this list for helping me through my difficult teenage years.


2) Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool


Ah, let’s get into Wolf Alice then (not literally) but yeah, this album is one of my more modern choices and is because of the simple fact i adore listening to the simplistic, calm, heart hitting vocals of Ellie Rowsell.

I used to sit on my mum’s kitchen worktop with this album on full blast drinking cans of Carling and i’m aware it’s hardly a romantic thing to remember but i was at peace and felt i genuinely belonged somewhere at that point of my life, i felt like an absolute world beater and like i could do anything that i inspired to do, i even started writing again after years at this point. I got the Wolf Alice album because i sat through around 67 hours of YouTube adverts promoting her album so i bit the bullet and got it and fuck, did it not disappoint. Songs like Lisbon and Silk are literally mesmerizing and still make up my commuting playlist to chill me out after the long day at work. I’d recommend this band to anybody as they have so much potential and will grow on you everyday if you just let them.


3) Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory


Here it is,  the album that fundamentally made Kristian Wood as he is today, this album taught me so much and gave me my first taste of the real Manchester. This album was the first one that i got in hard copy which i played so much in my stereo that it became unreadable from scratches. I cannot even count the amount of times this album has lifted me from the abyss that i was in, Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher have a perfect combination of sensibility and recklessness with both being out-spoken short fuses which i suppose described my teenage years. They accompanied me through so much and i became almost attached to the comedic value of She’s Electric which i used to play regularly to get me out of the depressive adolescent state which i was in. The album to this day reminds me of when i used to go to football and the only thing i cared about was alcohol, unknown substances and the occasional scrap and i know it’s crude but trust me, there is definitely some romance in that.


4) The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep For You’re So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It


The 1975 had to feature on this list really due to the simple fact that they’re arguably one of the most influential UK bands around at the moment, the chilled, meaningful lyrics vocalized by Matty Healy are totally beyond comparison which gives them the edge that they need to be the artists they are.

On a personal level the lyrics of The 1975 speak to me on a very personal level and offer me a sense of solitude and a sense that maybe i’m not alone and somebody else is equally as lost in the complexity of females whilst also simplistic enough to admit exactly what they want and indulge in their desires freely.


5) Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon


Here she is again, i wrote my last blog post about her and well, this list wouldn’t be worth it’s salt if i didn’t once include the goddess of Lana Del Rey, now other than my severe infatuation for her and the fact that she could most definitely sleep with your girlfriend she is beyond talented.

Like listen to her voice and let it console you, let it overwhelm you (not that you’ll be able to resist it anyway) and try and tell me that it’s not unique.

Her voice was practically made by the gods themselves and in this album she doesn’t disappoint whatsoever, she consistently shows her vocal strengths and seduces you with her cinematic backgrounds.

I actually don’t have a lot to say about how this album relates to me apart from the fact i’d destroy her in numerous ways.


6) The Smiths – The Sound of The Smiths (Deluxe Edition)


Here we are, The Smiths like this really needs an explanation as to why i’ve chosen this but fuck it, i’ll let you know regardless.

I simply chose this album because it features all my favorites from other albums all encompassed into one, believe me it’s an absolute banger.

Morrissey has delivered me from misery on more than a dozen occasions and he’s done it with finesse. The man is perfect to listen to when you’re feeling down and beaten as he will happily dwell in your despair with you and serenade you with his clumsy, gusty voice until you feel you can make it out again, i’ve spent many alcohol hazed evenings overthinking with countless cigarettes drowning in his music which is only improved by the accompanying of Johnny Marr’s guitar riffs.

so yeah, ‘Don’t forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life’


7) The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses


For this one i had a lot of choice due to the fact i absolutely ‘adore‘ the Roses and see them as an era defining band which still refuse to stop making bangers. Literally, Ian Brown is a musical genius able to blend guitar instrumentals with complex vocals which truly exercise your mind.

Whether he’s singing about lesbian’s on trains or Elephant Stone’s he will do it emphatically and will make you feel every chord of that song.

This album is special to me due to it influencing my teenage years when i thought girls, alcohol and adidas trainers were the only way to go and do i regret them times? DO I FUCK.

Yes i fought occassionally and yes, i did sometimes get so mortal drunk that the old boys in blue used to pick me up and take me home or to a cosy cell but those are the years that defined me as a person and shaped my future which i’m lucky to have.


8) Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures


Joy Division, the band which have forever played a key role in my life. I find a certain romance in Ian Curtis and his troublesome life as well as his struggle to come to terms with reality out of his musical fantasy. Obviously, his health issues didn’t help with his mental issues but still, none the less he took his life too soon.

As some of you may know i do actually have ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart Again‘ tattooed down my left arm which is awaiting finishing with the lines which are on the album cover which is a demographic (the only reason it’s not finished is because i don’t trust anybody to do it properly)

I got into Joy Division through a previous partner which is kind of ironic considering the only reason i got over the heartbreak of losing that relationship was by listening to Atmosphere repeatedly so yeah, she kind of offered me the poison and the cure to all my pain but because of the large amount of time it took up and the fact it saved me from being an absolute down and out as well as the fact it is permanently marked upon my body it deserves a place in this list.

9) The Weeknd – Beauty Behind The Madness


We are going mainstream with this one and straying a tad away from my usual taste in music however, i couldn’t deny the fact that The Weeknd is a class act.

Yes, i admit he is a tad demeaning with the way he speaks about women and the way he boasts about his money which is usually a big ‘no no’ for me except he’s kind of popularized his lifestyle with young people taking up the same mentality as him which is why his music is meaningful. The Weeknd practically sums up youth culture with the entirety of his lyrics and encompasses the mentality in the youth of today on everything from love to money.

I enjoy this album because of it’s calming melodies and soft spoken vocals, when i’m feeling fed up or like i’m being held down too much i’ll switch this album on which instantly gets me in a determined and self-revolving mood which although unhealthy it inspires me and get’s you feeling like it’s only you who matters and everything else just doesn’t matter that much.

I also enjoy a nice wind down with a few drinks to this music but that’s because ‘When i’m fucked up that’s the real me


10) The xx – The xx


Well, this is the last but definitely not the least.

The xx are a duet which blend perfectly using soft male and female tones. The whole draw to this talent is the fact that they simply speak everything that you only choose to think.

Uses for their material personally has ranged from heartbreak to lust and they do an incomparable job of doing both so brilliantly, most of their music is heavily guitar and electro based which literally goes together like peas and carrots on your Sunday dinner.

I chose this specific album over their equally brilliant ‘Co-Exist‘ because it features ‘VCR‘ and ‘Crystalised‘ which don’t get enough credit for the masterpieces that they literally are.

To be honest, if you’re wanting to chill, wanting to serenade your overthinking or even if you need a nice soundtrack to get you and your other half in the mood then i’d strongly recommend that you get yourselves a copy of this album (or if you’re sick of hard copies like myself and don’t mind robbing artists just get Spotify).




Well, that concludes my list of my all time favourite albums which have influences my life no end and will forever define me as a person. I suppose my mind is a really complex and varied place so it’s only fitting that my music taste would continue in that trend.

This was my attempt of giving you all something new anyway so yeah, let me know if you enjoyed it and contact me via the ‘Contact’ page (obviously) if you have any requests or even if you have any totally off topic questions!


I’m aiming to begin posting more now so expect more frequent content.






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