The Streets: Blinded By The Lights

Today we’re going to talk about The Streets who deserve a lot more credit than they get, i mean Mike Skinner shows the UK that you don’t have to rap about material things and instead showcases his amazing ability to rap about anything from life’s struggles.

The reason some of you won’t of heard of them is because of their outspoken nature as well as small cult like following which just didn’t get them the publicity that they should of got and if you’re wondering what kind of music they produce then..

“Cult classic, not bestseller” – Let’s Push Things Forward


Personally speaking i’ve always been into The Streets because of the difference that they represent and how they produce eclectic music which pretty much anybody can find an interest in. Either from novelty or through genuinely being touched by the spluttered lyrics of Mike and the numerous people that support vocally.

Although they’re controversial and some of the lyrics can get a tad tongue in cheek but this is what you need in music.

Yes, i know that they’re no longer active and The Streets ended their years of service in 2011 but all that means is you can’t go taking pills seeing them live and instead might have to bang it on your Spotify or nip down to your local HMV to find one of their numerous albums.


If you’re new to this bloke and his quickly spoken lyrics which tell a story song by song then i’d recommend listening to their first album ‘Original Pirate Material‘ which is their first ever released compositions and will give you a taste of the styles which are utilized in their music.

I think it’s a good artist to genuinely get into and because they operated from 1994 all the way to 2011 whilst releasing 5 albums so you’re quite spoilt for choice and i’m not here to say that i enjoy every single song made by Mike but i enjoy the fair majority. I was attracted to the artist by being introduced to him whilst off my skull whilst in somebody’s kitchen (this is what happens in the UK when you’re a teenager- it’s not like Harry Potter yanks)

The best time to ever be introduced to new music is when you’re mentally impaired as you will genuinely show an interest in any topic fed to you so i literally took the artist and ran with him finding he gave me some solitude and his lyrics did describe some of my crazier nights out.


So why are you still here reading this dribble when you could be listening to Fit But You Know It and hear about how a girl can go from an 8 or a 9 after four pints.

That’s what i want to hear about, not fucking hoes and money and that’s what separates this music from regular UK Rap which i’m really not that inspired by. He is able to combine quick rap with catchy mixes and instrumentals and to be honest i’ve just given you an artist which is brilliant to get off your nut to and also brilliant to listen to the morning after when you’re regretting your life so go on, fuck off and listen to him!


love ya’s




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