Halsey: Hurricane 

I’m back and today’s post is going to be about the one and only ‘Halsey‘ who is arguably one of my biggest guilty pleasures.

I mean, she consistently mixes complex vocabulary with explicit and vulgar lyrics, this mixture of extreme’s gives her a certain vibe which is comparable to the vibe Lana Del Rey gives off, it’s strong, it’s independent and her voice is simply riveting.

There’s simply nothing better than her most recent album named ‘Badlands‘.

She is able to thoroughly show her personality and is free to express her wild side in this album in my opinion, it feels almost as though she’s finally found herself and accepted herself for who and what she is and that awakening feeling is exactly why this album stands out from the crowd.

Now, I’m not trying to say that you’ll hear her on your radio in the near future as with lyrics like: ‘bought a $100 bottle of champagne like me, just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me’

Radio 1 doesn’t tend to condone expletives in music, despite her voice and lyrics being like nicotine to your system.

This young American has found herself in  controversy concerning The 1975‘s Matty Healy and their not-a-romance being publicised everywhere as well as had to explain her actions and behaviour to the media on more than one occasion but she has systematically been able to turn all of this into an album, with Colors being a universally accepted song about Matty however, songs like ‘Gasoline‘ and ‘Control‘ should not be overlooked by a long shot, even ‘Hurricane‘ blows my mind.

So, who gives a fuck if the lyrics have satirical essences or if she calls herself a fucking hurricane? She is a hurricane. She is going to blow any artist out of the water.

Halsey is the only singer/songwriter that I’ve found who feels like she is telling a story and letting you in to see her personality. It’s almost as though she is opening up herself to you whilst you are her concerned psychiatrist. 

It’s medically beautiful, it’s entirely explicit and it’s totally out of the status quo and that’s what makes it undeniably one of the greatest album’s ever produced.

Now go and listen to Badlands and see for yourself how much of an eye-opening experience it truly is, I’ll personally guarantee that you will learn more about yourself from relating to her every emotion, feeling and general vibes.
So enjoy it and if you have any requests for a next post then hit me up!


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