The Overlooked Issue of Nightclub Groping

Well, I’ve been away for awhile and have posted totally infrequently but i thought i would post about something which I see popping up quite a lot in the media as well as on my social media with people (mainly girls) complaining of the total disorderly behaviour of men in a nightlife environment.

I’ve done a blog post similar to this regarding the sexual objectification of girls at gigs however, I didn’t quite understand the sheer magnitude of the issue which is plaguing the UK’s nightclub scene.

Now, let’s start with the basics here- if a girl is out enjoying herself after a hard week of working just like yourself then it is not within any shape or form your right to objectify her or to think groping is acceptable. No matter how they’re dressed or how provocative they may be acting, you as a human should recognise boundaries and the fact that somebody’s personal space is exactly that. PERSONAL.


I’m a lad so due to this epidemic I suppose that my opinion will be a tad adrift from the genuine reality of these attacks on somebody’s human rights however, I feel as a male that it is my duty to give my opinion and state my beliefs to ensure that every male isn’t tarnished. The issue with this weekly occurrence all over the UK is down to a few things: Firstly, the media objectify women and portray women in a way which shows them as a man’s possession and this has been drilled into men from being young, they’ve always been told that the man is the alpha and that he has control over everything and everybody when the truth is that it isn’t actually like that now we’re out of the 20th Century. Women have equal rights and have fought for those rights to stop your pissed up self from grabbing their boobs because you thought it would be ‘a laugh’ and they’ve marched on against every policy and every boundary until they’ve broke them down.

Another reason why this happens is simply because of alcohol, alcohol is no excuse for terrible behaviour except with binge drinking on the major rise due to student nights and a weekend to weekend lifestyle we’ve adapted becoming rife in young culture we’ve been faced with an issue. How do we police youth’s which can’t handle alcohol, are immature and have a student loan in their bank? These people are minorities and the incidents which occur are freak incidents but that doesn’t deny the fact that it happens.


I aren’t going to carry on rambling with my opinion’s which I’m sure are considered controversial but there’s one thing which I’m sure of and it is this:

I’ve been brought up to understand personal boundaries and people’s rights and responsibilities, a woman is her own person and can drink, dress and do whatever she wishes within legality just the same as a male is able to do. If you have a small complex and are deluded with your ways of thinking then I’d like to say on behalf of all sane male’s that you will get your head stamped on for your 1970’s attitude to women.

Also, if you yourself think you’re stronger, better and a protector then instead of making a woman scared to go to a certain club because you may be there, you should instead be the opposite and make women happy to be around you because they know you’re respectable, responsible and you’ll protect them from these freak incidents which occur weekly.


As always, I’m open to comments and feedback and understand this was a controversial topic however, it’s one which I thoroughly believe in.





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